Immigration Attorney Services

3 easy steps to a

Green Card Marriage

Our Immigration Attorney Services can help you navigate the process of getting your Green Card Through Marriage. 

Immigration Attorney Services for Long Island, NY

Simple 3 Step Green Card Process

From start to finish we’ll help you with the Green Card Process and make it easy to complete:

Step 1

Submit Retainer Agreement Request and we will email you the Retainer and Questionnaires

Step 2

Mail back to us the signed Retainer and completed Questionnaires along with the attorney fees of $1500 and we will mail you the completed forms for your signature

Step 3

Sign and send back the forms along with the government filing fee of $1760 and we will file your case with immigration

Immigration Details

  • Attorney Fee: $1500.00
  • USCIS Fee: $1760.00
  • Processing Times: Approximately 8 - 12 months
Woman opening up a large manila folder with immigration and green card documents inside

Ready to get your Green Card?

Fill out the Retainer Agreement Request and we’ll email you with the next steps.